Disposable and recyclable Vape 600 puffs 2% Nicotine e-cigarettes - 12 flavours

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The Vapes TechBar is a disposable vape device with a smart ergonomic grip design, pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, with a 500mAh battery providing up to 600 puffs!

2ml e-liquid Capacity
600+ Real Puffs
125ug Nicotine Dose per Puff
500mAh Battery
20mg (2%) Salt Nicotine Strength

The Tech-Bar groove is a uniquely designed, ergonomic grip that is perfectly placed for your comfort.

Supacell Pure Cobalt batteries are used in Tech-Bar so that every puff is powerful, and the flavour stays consistent from first to last.

Tech-Bar achieves up to 600 real, smoother, and more powerful puffs.

Xerium Patented Technology provides up to 10x more intense, rich, and flavoursome puffs for a truly satisfying vape experience. Xerium technology ensures that the flavour is consistent from the first to last puff, so when we say you get 600 real puffs, we mean it!

Nicotine salts are a naturally occurring blend extracted directly from the tobacco leaf. Nic salt-based e-liquids are absorbed into your system faster than standard freebase nicotine e-juice, providing a much quicker kick and helping to stave off your nicotine cravings.

This is a non-rechargeable, non-refillable, disposable e cigarettes.




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