Heat Alarm Mini - 5 Year batteries Guarantee

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Do not let you take by surprise when a fire breaks out in your kitchen or bathroom with the very small Smartwares FHE-18600 Heat detector. False alarms are very common when you place a smoke alarm in a room with smoke and vapor, placing a heat detector in these places is a perfect alternative.

A fire alarm triggered by temperature
The heat detector is an ideal solution for places where a smoke alarm does not work properly because there is a lot of smoke or vapor generated. Smoke alarms will give often a false alarm in kitchens, bathrooms and garages because they respond to smoke and vapor. You can save lives by using a heat detector in these rooms because it will measure the temperature and therefore be more reliable and give less false alarms.

Loud and clear alarm
The Smartwares FHE-18600 Heat detector has a loud and clear alarm of 85 dB that goes off when the temperature rises above 54°C. The detector can be used in rooms with a surface from 20 m² up to 40m². Besides, the heat detector comes with an integrated battery with a 10 year lifetime and installation materials. You will hear a short beep if the battery is running low, this way you get alerted when you need to replace the heat detector. It is recommended to test the alarm monthly by pressing the test button. The heat detector is very small with a diameter of 5 cm.

The very small heat detector can easily be installed by using a mounting plate and some screws. The heat detector can be placed in rooms where smoke alarms do not work properly because of smoke and vapor formation, places such as kitchens, bathrooms and garages.

The functioning of the heat detector can be influenced by dust and filth, it is therefore important to clean your alarm monthly by using a slightly damp cloth and biannual with a vacuum cleaner. You should never use cleaning products or paint the smoke alarm. It is important to check your heat detector monthly with the testing button to be assured that they are well-functioning.

What’s in the box?
Heat detector, battery, instruction manual, installation materials


  • Always get warned in time when there is a fire in your kitchen, garage or bathroom thanks to the Smartwares heat detector
  • The very small heat detector has an alarm of 85 dB
  • Functions in rooms with smoke and vapor formation because it measures temperature
  • Easy to install with a mounting plate and some screws
  • Test the heat detector by simply pressing the test button

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