Lollipop Saliva Covid Rapid Self Test Card V-Check 2019-CoV Ag

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Manufacturer - Guangzhou Decheng Biotechnology Co., LTD China Authorised Representative - Caretechion GMBH, Germany

Country of origin

Storage/usage instructions

1. Store the t est card as packaged between 2-30 C 2. Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. 3. The t est card is stable until the expiration date is printed on the outer package. Do not use expired products. 4. Do not freeze any contents of the t est. 5. The t est card should be used within 1 hour of removal from the foil pouch.

More information

1. Do not eat, drink or smoke prior to the tes t for at least 30 minutes.

2. When sampling, gently hold it in the mouth and let saliva naturally absorb on the sponge.

3. Don't bite the sponge with your teeth.

4. Any saliva specimens are appropriate for t est ing but the saliva specimen collected in the morning, before mouth rinsed eating, or drinking, is recommended.

5. The samples should be used as soon as possible after collection.


1. Insert the sponge end of the saliva swab into the mouth. Actively swab the inside of the mouth and tongue to collect oral fluid.

2. Remove the saliva swab from the mouth when the sponge fills with saliva and becomes soft, or the indicator turns blue. Interpretation of results. Positive Result: If both C and T lines are visible, the t est result is positive and valid Negative Result: If a colored line is visible in the control area, and no colored line appears in the t est area, the result is negative and valid. Invalid Result: The t est result is invalid if a colored line does not form in the control area. The sample must be re-tested, using a new test card

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