Pack of 4x Ear Mask Saver extender for Face Masks

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Our ear loop strap extenders are suitable for all head types - simply attach the hooks to the ear loops of your face mask. Easy to use for children and adults.

Provides ease of use and added comfort so face mask ear loops do not irritate your skin, as well as allow adjustable size. Extenders relieve all pressure on the ears and any discomfort produced by the mask.


One Size Fits All - The strap extenders are designed to extend your face mask band length, and are easily adjustable. The extenders come with hooks that can be easily cut off to shorten to the appropriate size.

Lightweight and washable - The strap extenders are lightweight and easily washable, relieving the burden of a face mask from your ears and/or head. They are easy to clean after usage and are rapid drying. They can be conveniently stored for multiple uses.


 Material: Soft TPU

 Dimensions: 20 x 160mm 

 Colors Available: Acquamarine

 Quantities: 4 pcs

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